Ptosis: Causes & Treatment
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Ptosis: Causes & Treatment

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What Is Ptosis?

Ptosis is the medical terminology for a droopy eyelid. An eye disorder owing to several possible causes, affects the vision depending upon its severity. Unilateral Ptosis is when the condition affects one eyelid, while bilateral Ptosis refers to both eyelids being affected by this condition. If the condition exists when a child is born, it is referred to as congenital Ptosis. On the other hand, if a natural or other cause contributes to its development, it is called acquired Ptosis.

What Are The Symptoms Of This Eye Disorder?

Some common symptoms visible in Ptosis include sagging of the eyelid, obscured vision, and watery eyes. In addition, your eyes might feel some fatigue, and in severe cases, the area around the eye might likely experience some pain. Consulting a doctor should help you identify the severity of the condition. The issue usually resolves within a few days without medical intervention.

What Are The Causes Of Ptosis?

Although different factors contribute to this disorder, it is most commonly caused by the natural aging process. However, Ptosis also develops due to a nerve injury associated with the structure of your eye. This is why people affected by critical head injuries have a chance of Ptosis. In addition, conditions that involve pressure on the eyes, like a migraine headache, also contribute to Ptosis.

What Are The Best Treatment Options For Ptosis?

An experienced eye surgeon can help identify the cause effectively and suggest a suitable treatment plan for Ptosis. If the condition develops as a symptom of a related health disorder associated with the head, treating that disorder should relieve the issue of Ptosis. On the other hand, Ptosis, as a result of internal injury, is treated surgically according to the severity.

Final Words

Ptosis is a common condition that might happen to anyone. If you experience sagging around your eyelids, see if it resolves within a few days on its own. If it doesn’t, or if you feel it is blocking your sight, you should consult an eye expert. You may consult Dr. Surbhi Kapadia, a reputable oculoplastic surgeon in Vadodara if the condition requires surgery. You will surely receive the best solution for your eye-related concerns by booking an appointment with her.


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