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When it comes to your eye health, only the best will do. Here are the reasons why patients across Gujarat choose Dr. Surbhi Kapadia at Aadicura Superspeciality Hospital (Best Eye Hospital in Vadodara) for their comprehensive eye care needs.

Dr Surbhi Kapadia, a top-tier ophthalmologist in Vadodara, leads our team with dedication and expertise. Her broad knowledge and hands-on approach make her the top choice for individuals seeking the best eye specialist in Vadodara.

Dr Kapadia specializes in an array of ophthalmic treatments and procedures. From providing basic diagnostic and treatment services for any eye problem to the most complex orbital tumors, her expertise ensures you are in safe hands.

Every eye is unique, which is why Dr Kapadia focuses on creating a tailored treatment plan for each patient. Whether it’s ptosis surgery, cosmetic eye treatment, cataract, or oculoplastic procedures in Vadodara, she ensures you get the care that suits your specific needs.

Aadicura Superspeciality Hospital, led by Dr Kapadia, boasts advanced facilities and cutting-edge technology. This combination provides patients with the best possible treatments and outcomes, setting us apart as one of the top 10 eye hospitals in Vadodara.

Dr Kapadia believes in empowering her patients through knowledge. She will guide you about your condition, treatment options, and preventive measures for long-term eye health.

With an unwavering dedication to superior patient care, Dr Kapadia consistently delivers excellent results. Her commitment to continuous improvement is what makes her one of the best ophthalmologists in Vadodara.


Your eyes deserve the best care, and that’s what you’ll get with Dr Surbhi Kapadia. Choose her for your comprehensive eye health needs and experience the difference that personalized, expert care can make.

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Entrust your eye health with Dr Surbhi Kapadia

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Dr. Surbhi Kapadia

M.B.B.S., M.S. (Ophthalmology)
Fellowship (LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad)

Post her M.B.B.S. & M.S. (Ophthalmology) from Baroda Medical College, Dr. Kapadia pursued a long-term fellowship at the esteemed L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, to cater to her keen interest in the niche speciality of oculoplasty and facial aesthetics.

Since 2010, Dr. Surbhi Kapadia has established her prowess as an ophthalmologist & oculoplasty specialist at Sunayana Eye Care and Venus Hospital, Baroda. In addition to general ophthalmology, she super specializes in surgical and non-surgical procedures around the eyes, forehead, and eyebrows. Her competence extends to reconstructive plastic surgery of eyes, tumors affecting the orbit or eyelids, and non-surgical anti-aging treatments including fillers & surgical cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).

We’ve revisioned ophthalmology for you.

Dr. Surbhi Kapadia, a leading ophthalmologist and oculoplastic surgeon based in Vadodara, Gujarat, is dedicated to delivering superior eye care solutions to patients across Gujarat.

Patient Reviews

Pravin Patel
Pravin Patel
Consulted to Dr surbhi kapadia for Thyroid eye disease.👍👌The best Dr in barod for eye
Shalini Rastogi
Shalini Rastogi
I have come for health check up.i consulted for my eye Dr surbhi kapadia best opthalmic Dr in Baroda and staff is very cooperative.
Sharmila Shah
Sharmila Shah
Very nice n great experience with dr surbhi kapadia. Truly appreciate for great cosultation. Fully satisfied. Best eye dr in baroda.
Laxmiben Parmar
Laxmiben Parmar
Best eye Dr in Baroda Dr surbhi Kapadia consulted for my sister n brother watery eyes. Now both r fine after taking treatment from her v came all the way from godhara. But the journey was successful after consulting Dr surbhi Kapadia for eye treatment.
Sakshi Shrivastav
Sakshi Shrivastav
recently my father had Botox injections to eliminate wrinkles around his eyes, and I n my father are very happy with the results. The injections were quick and relatively painless, and the results were noticeable almost immediately. My father was a little nervous about the process before the injections, but . Dr Surbhi kapada took the time to explain everything put my father at ease. They were extremely professional and made sure My father was comfortable throughout the entire process. They only use real Botox and facial fillers,. After the injections, My father noticed that the wrinkles around his eyes had smonear eyes. d out significantly, and overall my father skin looked smoother and more youthful. The results were impressive, and My father was thrilled with how natural and subtle the changes looked. My father didn’t feel like congested or “frozen,” which he was concerned about. Overall, I would highly recommend Dr Surbhi kapadia for Botox injections to anyone who wants to reduce the appearance of wrinkles near eyes.
Anish Shekh
Anish Shekh
Mari nasur ni treatment Dr surbhi madam paase karavi .mane baju Pani nikadtu hatu aankh ma thi .operation pachi have bauj saru che.pani nkikadvanu band Thai gayu che.
Sangeeta Patel
Sangeeta Patel
Proper guidance and advice… Surgery done successfully …. Wish I had come to u long back!! Thank u Dr ma’m for everything
Parvez Vedachya
Parvez Vedachya
Great experience dr surbhi deserves all praises .she is knowledgeable and confident .The staff is also very cooperative and helpful .Highly recommended eye hospital.
Sachin Panwar
Sachin Panwar
Best eye Dr in Baroda. We have specially cane from MP . My both kids consulted to Dr. Surbhi Kapadia for reflection and my in law for cataract. Consulting was very helpful and caring. Very soon will take appointments for cataract surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions of the eye. Their expertise ranges from prescribing glasses and contact lenses to performing complex and delicate eye surgeries.

An oculoplastic surgeon, also known as an oculofacial or ophthalmic plastic surgeon, specializes in the surgical and non-surgical management of conditions affecting the eyelids, tear ducts, orbits (eye sockets), and the face. This includes cosmetic surgeries such as blepharoplasty and treatments for medical conditions like ptosis (droopy eyelids), entropion, and eye tumours.

Cataract surgery is a procedure to remove the lens of your eye when it has become cloudy, a condition known as a cataract. The surgery involves replacing the cloudy lens with an artificial one. Dr. Surbhi Kapadia uses advanced micro-incision techniques to ensure the surgery is safe and effective and provides quick recovery.

Preparation involves a comprehensive eye exam, medical history review, and consultation with your surgeon to discuss the procedure, risks, and expected outcomes. You may be instructed to stop taking certain medications and to arrange for transportation and after-care support.

The recovery process can vary depending on the type of surgery. Generally, you’ll be given medications to prevent infection and control eye pressure, and be asked to wear an eye shield or glasses to protect your eye. Regular follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor your recovery.

Cosmetic eye surgery includes procedures that improve the appearance of the eyes and surrounding areas. Examples include blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), ptosis surgery (to lift droopy eyelids), and botox treatments.

You can visit Aadicura Superspeciality Hospital in Vadodara, Gujarat, or contact us through our website or phone to schedule an appointment. We ensure your queries are addressed promptly and that you receive the best care possible.

Some common signs of eye problems include blurred or distorted vision, persistent eye pain, significant redness, light sensitivity, halos (coloured circles around lights), sudden floaters, flashes of light, and any sudden loss of vision. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should contact an eye specialist immediately.

If you don’t have any chronic eye conditions, adults between the ages of 20 and 40 should have an eye exam every 2 to 4 years. After 40, the frequency should increase to every 1 to 3 years as the risk of eye diseases like cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration increases with age. However, people with eye conditions or risk factors for eye disease should have their eyes examined more frequently.

A stye is a small, painful lump on the inside or outside of the eyelid caused by an infected eyelash follicle or oil gland. Most styes heal on their own within a week. Warm compresses can help speed up the healing process. In some cases, styes may need to be treated with antibiotics or be drained by an eye specialist.

While styes and chalazion may look similar, they are different conditions. A stye is a painful infection of an eyelash follicle or oil gland, typically appearing along the edge of the eyelid. A chalazion, on the other hand, is a painless bump that develops further on the eyelid due to a blocked oil gland. Both conditions can be treated with warm compresses, but persistent or large chalazion may require steroid injections or surgical removal.

While eye exercises can help relieve eyestrain and improve the coordination of your eyes, they cannot correct conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia. These conditions are related to the shape of your eye, the flexibility of your eye’s lens, or age-related changes – factors that cannot be significantly altered with exercise.

Note: The information provided is general in nature and may not apply to your specific condition. Always consult with your doctor for accurate information.