Witness the Transformation through Before and After Photos

Welcome to our “Gallery”, a visual testament to the expertise of Dr Surbhi Kapadia and the transformative effect of advanced eye care treatments. Here, you can explore the remarkable changes that are possible through the wide array of procedures offered in our practice.

Our gallery features real before-and-after photographs of our patients, giving you a firsthand look at the improvement in eye conditions following our treatments. To respect our patients’ identity, we have only displayed images of the affected or treated areas, and these images stand as a testament to Dr Surbhi Kapadia’s expertise and the incredible journey of our patients towards improved eye health and enhanced aesthetics.

These visual transformations serve to provide you with an understanding of the potential outcomes, thus aiding you in your decision-making process regarding eye care treatments. However, it’s important to remember that each patient’s case is unique, and the results will vary based on the individual’s specific circumstances.

Patient privacy remains a top priority for us. All the images have been shared with full patient consent, respecting their confidentiality and rights. Furthermore, these images are strictly copyrighted and the sole property of Dr Surbhi Kapadia, therefore unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

Feel free to delve into the world of transformation. Witness the change and envision your journey towards better eye health.