General Oculoplasty

Orbit and Ocular Oncology

Orbit and Ocular Oncology focuses on diagnosing and managing various tumours and malignancies that affect the eye, eyelids, and orbit (the bony cavity that houses the eye). These can range from benign tumours to malignant cancers, making this field incredibly crucial to ocular health and vision preservation.

Dr Surbhi Kapadia, with her expertise in Orbit and Ocular Oncology, is committed to providing comprehensive and personalized care in Vadodara. She handles a broad spectrum of conditions including Intraocular Tumours, Lid Tumours, and Orbital Tumours. Employing state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge treatment modalities, she aims to improve patient outcomes, preserve vision, and enhance the quality of life for patients living with these challenging conditions.

We will delve deeper into each of these areas: Intraocular Tumours, Lid Tumours, and Orbital Tumors providing you with an understanding of these conditions, their symptoms, causes, treatments, and common queries related to them.

Intraocular Tumours

Intraocular Tumours are abnormal growths that occur within the eyeball, affecting individuals across all age groups - from young children to elderly adults.

Lid Tumours

Eyelid tumours, or lid tumours, are abnormal growths that occur on the eyelid. These can be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous) and can affect anyone.

Orbital Tumours

Orbital tumours, or eye socket tumours, are rare growths that occur within the orbit containing the eyeball, eye muscles, optic nerve, and other important structures.