General Oculoplasty


Trauma-related to the eye and the surrounding structures can be a frightening experience, often leading to serious complications if not appropriately managed. Whether it’s an injury due to a sports mishap, an unfortunate incident at work, a car accident, or a violent attack, ocular trauma can range from superficial injuries to severe, vision-threatening conditions. In the realm of General Oculoplasty, addressing such traumatic incidents forms a critical part.

Dr Surbhi Kapadia, based in Vadodara, specializes in the comprehensive management of ocular trauma, including Lid Tears and Orbital Fractures. Using her extensive knowledge and experience, she assesses each case thoroughly, striving to preserve vision, restore function, and maintain the aesthetic balance of the face.

These sections delve deeper into specific conditions related to ocular trauma, providing you with the necessary information and confidence to seek prompt treatment when such unfortunate incidents occur.

Lid Tears

A traumatic injury leading to lacerations or tears in the eyelid, colloquially known as Lid Tears, can be an alarming situation.

Orbital Fracture

An orbital fracture is a break in one of the bones that form the eye socket, often resulting from significant blunt force trauma to the face.