Dacryocystitis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
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Dacryocystitis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

What Is Dacryocystitis?

The body produces tears as an immune response to keep the eyes safe and hydrated. These tears are secreted in the lacrimal sacs, also known as tear sacs, that are situated in the inner corner of each eye. When these lacrimal sacs are infected, the condition is called Dacryocystitis. This condition is very common in infants and babies. There are two kinds of Dacryocystitis: acute and chronic. As the name suggests, a chronic condition is when the issue persists indefinitely. In contrast, acute Dacryocystitis is an infection that suddenly develops and affects the eyes.

What Causes Dacryocystitis?

The condition arises when a block develops in the tear duct. This block might develop due to factors like sinus inflammation, injury to the face, particularly to the nose, and the development of nasal polyps. It could also be caused as an after-effect of sinus surgery. Other causes signal the presence of a foreign particle inside the nose or even cancer.

What Are The Symptoms To Identify Dacryocystitis?

The symptoms of Dacryocystitis are similar to those visible in any eye disorder. The patient develops redness of the eye and pain or swelling around the eyes. They can also experience watery eyes and a tendency to develop a fever.

How To Treat And Prevent Dacryocystitis?

The treatment for Dacryocystitis is determined according to the severity of the condition. A proper eye examination should identify any blockage in the tear duct and the possible cause. Treating this cause relieves the condition. Antibiotics, steroid eye drops, and even intravenous medications are prescribed according to the cause and severity. If the condition keeps revisiting frequently, it is advisable to opt for surgery as a preventive measure. This procedure is known as dacryocystorhinostomy.

Final words

Dacryocystitis usually causes irritation and pain around the eyes and near the nose. Since it is common in babies, it gets difficult for the little ones to endure the condition. Therefore, it is ideal to consult an experienced eye specialist to find an effective treatment immediately. If you are a resident of Vadodara, Dr. Surbhi Kapadia is a wise choice for resolving any kind of eye concerns you might have.

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