Eyelid Spasms: Understanding Their Causes and Treatments
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Eyelid Spasms: Understanding Their Causes and Treatments

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The eyes are a captivating factor in one’s personality. But more than that, the eyes play a critical role in enabling the body to sense things around and be safe. Keeping yourself healthy implies taking good care of each organ system, and this includes the eyes too. This blog goes into detail about eyelid spasms, why these happen, and what can be done to treat these occurrences.

A muscle spasm is defined as the involuntary twitching of a muscle. In similar lines, an eyelid spasm is when either the upper or lower eyelid twitches involuntarily. This condition is medically called myokymia. These twitches can be frequent, causing discomfort and sometimes pain and pressure on the eyes.

3 Types of Eyelid Spasms

There are three main types of eyelid spasms, namely, general eyelid spasm, essential blepharospasm, and hemifacial spasm. When your eyelid twitching is mild and subsides without much repetition, it is categorized as a general eyelid spasm (myokymia). This doesn’t usually require treatment. However, if the experience is chronic, it is categorized as benign essential blepharospasm (BEB). It requires attention and treatment. Hemifacial spasm (HFS), on the other hand, is a situation when this severe and chronic spasm which only affects a single eye.

What Causes Eyelid Spasms?

Some of the contributing factors to general eyelid spasms include lack of sleep, stress, dry eyes, medication side effects, and irritants from the environment like air pollution, or bright light. While most eyelid spasms subside within a few days, the major ones which do not self-resolve warrant the need for treatment by an Ophthalmic plastic surgeon.

How To Treat Eyelid Spasms?

Some of the best self-treatments that you can try out for eyelid spasms are getting good rest, sleeping and waking up at fixed timings, reducing caffeine consumption, and applying a warm compress over the eyes. However, if the spasm persists or disrupts your daily activities, it is recommended to consult an Oculoplastic doctor for expert advice. She/he will further guide you on necessary investigations and further appropriate management.

In a nutshell

To summarize, an eyelid spasm is a condition that can cause pain and discomfort to the eyes if it happens frequently and intensely. You may become functionally blind in severe cases. You should not refrain from visiting an Oculoplasty specialist in this case. Dr. Surbhi Kapadia is one of the most reliable oculoplastic eye surgeons in Vadodara , with the best expertise in treating eye-related disorders such as eyelid spasms. You can be assured of a seamless, quick, and comfortable treatment experience with Dr. Surbhi Kapadia. You may book an appointment at +91-8980500015/ +91-7203034017 to know the best options for your treatment.


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