Eye Care in Children: Tips for Excellent Eye Health
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Eye Care in Children: Tips for Excellent Eye Health

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The eyes are among the most sensitive and crucial organ systems in the human body. It is essential to take special care of the optic system as it is prone to damage at different junctures of a person’s lifespan. For instance, young kids are especially prone to certain kinds of eye disorders. Therefore, if your child expresses concern about the difficulty in vision or has frequent headaches, frequent complaints from teachers about mistakes in copying from the blackboard in class, or redness, or irritation around the eye, then you should not delay in consulting an expert eye doctor. In this blog, we shall discuss about the different factors related to eye care in children.

What Are the Different Eye Disorders That Children Face?

Some of the major eye concerns that could affect young kids include –

  1. Amblyopia

    Amblyopia, also called lazy eye is more common in children than we think. It causes decreased vision in the affected eye. Most of the time it is missed by parents and is only noticed once the correctable age is crossed. Hence it becomes mandatory to have annual eye screening of kids with your ophthalmologist at an early age.

  2. Cataract

    Cataract causes poor vision because the natural lens in your optic system becomes cloudy because of protein breakdown. This is an eye disorder that can occur at any age. Pediatric cataracts often have associated syndromic conditions which often warrant the need for the involvement of more than one specialist. Getting the treatment at the state of an art hospital would ensure all necessary consultations under one roof.

  3. Strabismus

    Strabismus also called crossed (squint) eyes, is an eye concern that prevents the eyeballs from appearing in the same line. Many times this condition is correctable by the use of correct spectacles. Sometimes corrective surgery might be needed after a detailed evaluation.

  4. Night blindness

    Nyctalopia, or night blindness, as the name suggests, is an eye issue that results in troubled sight in the absence of daylight. Most commonly results due to nutritional deficiency, and can be corrected by dietary supplements. It also occurs due to genetic inheritance of genes that run in family. A detailed screening by your eye doctor would be helpful.

  5. Refractive errors

    Refractive errors like nearsightedness, which makes objects far away unclear, and farsightedness which makes nearby objects appear unclear, are commonly seen in developing children. When undiagnosed they commonly result in eye strain, repeated eye infections due to rubbing, and unsatisfactory performance in school due to unclear vision.

Three Points To Take Care To Ensure Eye Health In Children

  • A Nutritious Diet

    Encourage your kids to consume natural foods to ensure better eye health. Some of the best nutrients for the eye include vitamins A, C, B1, and E, Lutein, zinc, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Eye Hygiene

    Inculcate the habit of keeping the eyes clean from a young age itself. Washing the face and hands every once in a while will ensure good hygiene and hence prevent eye infections.

  • Reduced Digital Exposure

    It is essential that young kids are not too exposed to digital devices like smartphones and tablets as it is detrimental to their vision. Limiting their screen time is the need of the hour! As it is said – kids learn more by observing than by preaching. As parents, we must not indulge in digital bingeing in our free time and hence set the correct example for our children.

In short, taking care of children’s eye health is a significant part of wholesome pediatric care. That is why you should never compromise on quality medical care for your kids. At Aadicura, the Ophthalmology department is amongst the most reputable and trustworthy eye departments run by Dr. Surbhi Kapadia. A quick and safe recovery from the ailment can be guaranteed.



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