3 Best Tips for Eye-Health During Winters
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3 Best Tips for Eye-Health During Winters

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Investing in good health should be a priority for each of us. Because only with good health can we pursue our dreams and achieve everything else in life. Health can deteriorate because of multiple reasons. One of the common reasons among these is the seasonal change in the atmosphere. Winters are truly splendid. But they come with a bundle of health risks. This is because the sudden spike in coldness adversely affects the immunity of the body. Among the many systems, this climate change affects your eye health as well. This article talks about how to take care of your eyes in the chilling cold of winter.

Why Is Eye Care Important?

Good eyesight helps you in carrying out daily activities smoothly and efficiently. Healthy eyes are also an indication of a fit human being. To prevent discomfort in vision or other eye hazards, you should always take good care of your eyes.

3 Tips for Eye Health this winter

  • Increase your blinking rate
Your eyes tend to dry up faster during winter. By voluntarily increasing your eye blink rate you could avoid irritation in the eyes due to dryness. This exercise helps in resurfacing the tears on the eye surface and also helps in milking out the oily layer in tears which in turn helps in forming a stable tear film. Preservative-free lubricating eye drops and protective eyewear can also help in this regard.
  • Eat Foods That Promote Eye-Health
Vitamin A is crucial for eye health. Eat vegetables like carrots, spinach, and tomatoes and fruits like papaya, strawberries, and oranges to increase your vitamin A intake and, thus, improve your eye health. These foods are readily available in abundance from nature during winter. So, it would be best to take advantage of it to boost your eye care routine.
  • Reduce Digital Exposure
Digital devices are the biggest culprits when it comes to eye damage. It is reported that more and more children and youngsters suffer from early vision impairment because of the overuse of digital media. The very attractive bright background lights tend to result in the overuse of certain eye muscles and also a reduction in the natural blink rate, hence resulting in tired eyes. If you wish to keep your eyes healthy, it is clever to reduce exposure to digital devices. As it is rightly said – You could change the world by your example and not by your advice. Put that phone away so as to teach your kids to do so too! Final Words The ophthalmic system is among the most delicate systems in the human body. So, taking care of it appropriately will help you lead a happy and healthy life. For more queries feel free to consult Dr. Surbhi Kapadia, Ophthalmologist at Aadicura super specialty hospital, Vadodara. For appointments: 8980500015


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