Eye Care When Using Eye Makeup
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Eye Care When Using Eye Makeup

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  • Do you use makeup to accentuate your eyes?
  • What is your favorite go-to style – smoky eye or a more understated look?
  • Do you often pair eye makeup with contact lenses?

Eye makeup mistakes could increase your risk of eye irritation, dry eyes, eye infections, or vision problems.

Which eye problems are associated With Eye Makeup?

  • Allergic Reactions:

    Sometimes, a specific eye makeup product could cause eye irritation, swelling, red eyes, itchy eyes, or sticky eyes as an allergic reaction. When this happens, you need to immediately stop using the product. Try to change the brand of makeup products. Also, check the expiry date on the makeup products. Sometimes using them after the specific expiry date can also lead to allergies. You must avoid frequent changes in brands of products.
  • Conjunctivitis:

    Most makeup products contain preservatives that prevent bacteria from forming. But sometimes, bacterial growth occurs and causes conjunctivitis (pink eyes with discharge). Prefer to use your personalized makeup kit. Avoid using kits that have been used by multiple people. If you happen to visit a salon for makeup, ensure that the makeup artist is following all hygiene principles for makeup products and applying brushes.
  • Cornea Scratch:

    While quickly applying kajal, mascara, or eyeliner, your cornea could get damaged. Or the surface of the eye could get scratched with an infected brush or makeup pencil. In extreme cases, the damage could cause severe infection. Always be mindful while using makeup around the eyes to avoid this.

What are the signs of an Eye Infection?

  • Pain in the eye
  • A feeling that something is in the eye (foreign body sensation)
  • Increased sensitivity to light (photophobia)
  • Yellow, green, or watery discharge from the eye
  • Increasing redness of the eye or eyelids
  • A grey or white dot on the colored part of the eye

What care you should take while using makeup and contact lenses together?

  • Apply complete eye makeup before wearing your contact lens
  • Ensure proper hand washing prior to opening the contact lens case
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses with long nails
  • Always remove the contact lens first once you are ready for makeup removal

What you can do to protect your eyes while using makeup?

These simple steps can help you avoid eye injuries, irritation, and infection in the eyes.

  • Change to a new packing of eye makeup every 3 months
  • Don’t share your eye makeup with anyone
  • Wash your face well before applying makeup
  • Don’t continue to use eye makeup that irritates your eyes
  • Take off all eye makeup before going to bed
  • Apply eyeliner off your lashline
  • Clean makeup brushes and applicators daily
  • Sharpen eyeliner pencil regularly
  • Avoid using trial makeup kits at retail shops as far as possible
  • Use gentle makeup removal products

In the majority of cases, infection or inflammation caused due to eye makeup can be easily treated. In some severe cases, it can cause damage to the eyes leading to vision problems. This problem is easily avoidable if we follow a proper eye makeup routine and take good care of the eyes.

Hope these tips were helpful! Despite all precautions, if you face any problem with your eyes please do not hesitate to visit us at Aadicura Superspeciality Hospital, Vadodara where Dr. Surbhi Kapadia and her team will do their best to solve your eye problems due to makeup. For appointments contact โ€“ 8980500015.


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